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The Truth

I was once watching EWTN, the Catholic channel and a gentleman who was preaching stated that he who comes in the name of the Lord was going to practice more humility than those who preach him. The final book of Revelations of the Apocalypse also states that the White Horseman will show his face only to the City of God’s Truth, the New Jerusalem.
To me this made all the sense in the world because as we live in a very much different world than the one that Jesus himself walked on, even though we reunite with many who believe as we, we can only do it as sinners under the grace of God. Today, as Christians, we place emphasis on John 3.16 and claim to believe for that is what that verse implies out of us. When we are to look at the whole picture and go to Faith without works is dead, we as believers in Christ should have stood out from society instead of blending into it. A true faith consists of hope and charity as well to be complete and when it comes to charity if we are not in need we must be giving of it also, to be the hope for someone that could have turned them to our faith.
In the world that Jesus walked on, there was very limited communication, no one in those days could televise their face clear across the world in an instant. Jesus was the only preacher back then and he had only 12 Apostles. As he commended His spirit in the hands of God the Father on the cross, it was God who knew what He was going to do with it and only He the Father knew the world and how it was going to be today. The divine principle of humility as Christ will stand for is not the grandeur that many of the preachers of today, whether world class leaders or not, have made themselves out to be. These individuals have created their own following, some even created for themselves these big time temples which are not those that would be the ones that Christ would require for himself. In other words, many of today’s faithful do not practice humility as Christ would have taught it, which would place them completely out of the limelight to give him all the glory, just because this is simply the definition of the principle that has placed them not exactly in the right. As Christ will return it shall be under the same circumstances as the first time, as He wished to be called the Son of Man He will not wish to be known as the Son of God, He will not show His face because it goes against what He stands for. Love can be as judgmental as any other double-edged sword, anonymity will be His shield. The almighty Son Jesus Christ will never portray himself as all powerful even though He is, that is His divine humility.
The spirit of Jesus Christ has always been something that was our responsibility to give life to, and we could have only done that by giving away His love with sacrifice and compassion, this was the way that we could have made our faith inviting to agree with and attractive. God’s salvation will be there for all who will accept it by giving up their own will to actually do the will of God in gratitude. Even Peter the apostle would not be crucified upright because he did not consider himself worthy of dying as the Son of Man, what can be expected of anyone else? Salvation can only come in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, this is why all faiths in Christ should have placed emphasis on their similarities and not their differences to be one and the same. Amen
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