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A.A. With Dick B. Dick B. is an active, recovered member of Alcoholics Anonymous; a retired attorney; and a Bible student. He has sponsored more than one hundred men in their recovery from alcoholism. Consistent with A.A.'s traditions of anonymity, he uses the pseudonym "Dick B." Please feel free to read and share in this forum.

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Icon23 Latest of California "Stick with the Winners!"Meetings in May

International Christian Recovery Coalition
Stick with the Winners! Meetings and Conferences Orange County
Important Additional Announcements as of April 24, 2012
• Coming from afar to share their special efforts and successes in Christian recovery programs are the following: George M. of Tampa (longtime recovery leader and author), Russell Spatz of Miami (highly respected 12th Step Christian speaker), Rev. Michael Liimatta of Kansas City (Educator at City Vision College), Wally L. of Vero Beach (Christian Recovery Resource Center leader), Rev. Bill W. of Austin (Chair of Episcopal Diocese of Texas of Texas Recovery Committee), and many from Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, and elsewhere.
• Our 25 Video Presentations on “Stick with the Winners!” Meetings
• Special book displays from Hazelden (the Original Big Book Working Manuscript book, Courage to Change: The Christian Roots of the Twelve Step Miracle, My First 40 Years by Bill Wilson, and more; Reprints of top Shoemaker and Oxford Group books published by Tuchy Palmieri of Connecticut; the new “Stick with the Winners!” Guide by Dick B. and Ken B.; and more
• Several special, sample “Stick with the Winners!” Meetings Workshops with those already putting them in use.
• Reports of the burgeoning success of the recovery meetings (where the Big Book and the Good Book are the texts) at His Place Church in Westminster, California).
• Talks on the rising excitement of “Stick with the Winners!” meetings and groups and studies led by International Christian Recovery Coalition participants
• Bless all of us by telling publicly exactly what you are doing with, contributing to, suggesting about, and learning from the growing Christian Recovery Movement.
• Throughout the Conference Trip period from May 15 to May 21, Dick B. and Ken B. will be in Orange County, California. They will be staying at the Marriott Costa Mesa Hotel. Our reservations are made. And this would be a good place to see you during our visit if you stay there or come there.
• Dick and Ken highly value personal meetings, contacts, and discussions with individuals and groups throughout the May 16 to 21 period. These may include: (1) Meetings and or meals with individual leaders and others at Marriott Costa Mesa Hotel where we will be staying and also at other convenient restaurants or offices. (2) Visiting churches, groups, fellowships, and offices in the area. (3) Conducting review of, and displaying the new “Stick with the Winners” Guide, accompanying exhibits, and accompanying video clips – to stimulate organization and establishment of Classes and/or special study meetings for AAs, NAs, Al-anons, and other support or 12 Step fellowships, and Christian recovery-related programs, fellowships, meetings, classes, and pastoral and chaplain settings.
 Attorney Russell Spatz, a recovered Christian 12 Stepper and leader is flying in from Miami to present, in his own language, and from his own point of view how he carries the message to AAs of his belief in and deliverance through Jesus Christ today.
 Dale Marsh, Recovery Pastor at Oroville Church of the Nazarene will demonstrate how he works directly in A.A., at the Salvation Army and in churches to carry the Christian message to fellowships in the community.
 Roger McDiarmid, Chairman of the Conference, and recovered believer will explain how he travels as a speaker and reporter to the recovery fellowships and community telling the depth and importance of early A.A., its Christian Fellowship, and its old school program
 The conference format has been changed to allow maximum time for exchange of views, program ideas, experiences, and suggestions for implementing the International Christian Recovery Coalition mission. Strong recovery leaders from Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Washington, and California will be there to help launch the new “Stick with the Winners!” programs and meetings in their own setting and with their own programs.
 We have completed the new Stick with the Winners! How to Conduct More Effective Twelve Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference Approved Literature. This guide will be available and will be presented and discussed. Also the 25 video presentations by Dick B. and Ken B. will be explained and features as complements to the guide. Related archival materials will be on display to the same end.
 Hazelden and other benefactor/sponsors have made it possible to have on display books and pamphlets, both conference approved and historical that viewers may never have seen and have never appreciated their importance in Christian recovery today.
• Please contact us either before or during the May 15-21 period to arrange to arrange a personal meeting. Please contact Dick B. by email at DickB@DickB.com until May 12, or Ken B. by email at kcb00799@gmail.com or on his cell phone at (808) 276-4945 before or during May 15-21 with questions or suggestions.

Sponsors of These Meetings and Conferences

• Hazelden: Treating Addiction, Transforming Lives, Center City, MN
• Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, Rev. Bill Wigmore, Chair, Austin, TX
• Rock Recovery Ministries, ABC Sober Living, Soledad House, David Powers, San Diego, CA
• New Hope Ministry, Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, CA: Matt Pierce, Recovery Pastor; David Sadler Group Leader
• Good Book-Big Book Group, Cornerstone Fellowship—Livermore Campus, Livermore, CA, Dominic D., Leader
• Good Book Publishing Company, Maui, HI
• His Place Church, Joe Furey, Pastor, Westminster, CA
• Wally Lowe, Businessman, Christian Recovery Resource Center, Vero Beach, FL
• Richard Skolnik, Addiction Counselor Assistant, Christian Recovery Resource Center, NY
• Bob J., Believer, Philanthropist, Maui, HI
• Rick S., Believer, Businessman, San Jose, CA
• Anonymous, Utah
• Robert Turner, M.D., Professor, Medical University of South Carolina
• Sean L., Recovered believer, Seattle, WA
• Dale Marsh, Serenity Pastor, Oroville Church of the Nazarene; International Christian Recovery Coalition Speakers Bureau, Oroville, CA
• Roger McDiarmid, Salesman, International Christian Recovery Coalition Speakers Bureau, Huntington Beach, CA
• Jeff and Debra Jay, Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention, Grosse Point, MI
[More expected to be added by Conference Time]
We will see you in Orange County, California at the Marriott Costa Mesa Hotel for talks during our week-long visit there to meet with you!
dickb@dickb.com; 808 874 4876; PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Gloria Deo
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