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Eating Disorders A place to share your experience, strength and hope with others with eating disorders, who are overeaters, or any other eating/food issues.

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Daily Prayers for Your Weight Loss Journey

Show Me the Path

Dear God,
I admit that I have come to both love
and hate the word "diet."
On the one hand, it represents hope for change.
On the other, it's like a sign flashing "Failure ahead!"
I don't want to embark on another faulty plan, Lord.
I want to embark on a journey with You
that is led by You and depends on Your power.
I can do nothing on my own!
Show me the path that will enable me to change.
Show me, as only You can,
what works for me, what is healthy for me.
I want to think of this venture in positive terms, Lord--
not that I am signing up to be miserable or in want.
I want to learn to feed my body what it truly needs when it truly needs it.
And to feed my soul with the Bread of Life--You!
Today I place my future, my failures, my setbacks,
all of my hopes and plans into Your hands.
There alone will I find meaning
and true success in my life.

I Praise You for My Body

Dear God,
As You know, some days I wish
I looked different than I do.
How good it is to be reminded, Lord,
that You had me--exactly this me--
in mind long before I came to exist!
So today I present myself to You
with a grateful heart.
Help me to be a good steward of my body.
Because You designed it,
I want to celebrate, nurture, and respect it.
By Your power at work in me,
I praise You for every molecule, gene, and freckle!
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Welcome to My Heart

Dear God,
Welcome to my heart,
Your home!
How honored I am to know
that Your Holy Spirit lives in me!
May this knowledge remind and inspire me
to treat my physical body with reverence--
not to worship it, but to worship You
and Your indwelling presence.
I offer my thoughts, my actions,
my words, and my attitudes--
all of me--to You.
Make me a living sacrifice,
a testament to the power to be found
only in You.

Turn My Self-Interest Outward

Dear God,
How much I need Your help
to turn my self-interest outward.
My problem is too much food,
but for so many, the problem is just the opposite!
Forgive me, Lord, for my shortsightedness.
But thank you for the satisfaction that You promise I will experience through generous giving.
And thank You that, through me,
You are ready and willing to bless my world
with comfort and abundance.
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Show Me How to Measure My Body

Dear God,
Help me today to care as much
about my heart's "weight"
as I do about my body's weight.
Thank You that because Your scales never lie
and Your bottom line is always love,
I can stand before You with confidence
no matter how "good" or "bad" I've been lately.
Show me how to truthfully measure
the progress of both my soul
and my body.
For I know that the one
will someday pass away,
while the other will matter forever.

Teach Me Self Control

Dear God,
Your Word teaches that when we truly experience Your saving grace,
we find the power to say no to wasteful passions
and to live self-controlled and productive lives.
But how much I need Your help
to overcome my laziness and self-deception.
Teach me and change me, Lord.
I want to become more self-controlled.
Today it seems that self-indulgence is the drug of choice on every corner.
But I don't want my appetites to dominate my life!
You promise to live powerfully through me
so that I might love You and serve others.
Now show me how to build the walls of self-control and restraint around my life.
I relinquish my rebellious will, which robs me
of the self-control You want me to choose.
Thank You for helping me today.
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Help Me Appreciate Your Sustenance

Thank You, God,
for giving us food of all kinds,
shapes, colors, aromas, textures, and flavors.
I praise You for strawberries!
And I delight in crisp yellow peppers and juicy oranges!
I praise You for giving us taste buds--
You didn't have to do that!
I praise You also for those edible pleasures
that I sometimes abuse.
Today I ask for the grace
to appreciate the daily sustenance You give me
and to appreciate it so much that I don't feel the need to be greedy.
Maker of everything delicious,
all day long I will notice Your genius and generosity,
and I will honor You with my appetites and my attitude. Amen.

Ride In Tandem With Me

Dear God,
Sometimes I feel as if I'm pedaling a bike
up a hill in the wrong gear.
Lord, You say You understand and want to help.
You watch me with compassion, and You call, "come to me!"
But so often I ride by, unseeing,
unwilling to believe that You would take
this load of failures and troubles on Your own back
and ride in tandem with me,
making even the hardest uphill paths seem easy.
I want to please You, and I want to obey You.
I want to put forth effort to do what is right.
Show, me, Lord, how to work hard
and how to love you with all my heart.
But don't let me ignore Your sweet invitation
to rest, to peace, to partner Your strength
as I go on my way today. Amen.
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Have Mercy on Us

Dear God,
Today I pray for all people everywhere
who struggle with overeating.
Have mercy on them, Lord.
Have mercy on me!
Give Your church grace and wisdom
to reach out to people who are caught
in a cycle of overeating and underexercising.
May there be no spirit of judgment toward them,
but one of love, mercy, and genuine caring.
Show me how I can reach out
to help others who need support.
May there be no prejudice
in how I treat other fellow strugglers in Your church.
Make us one in You, God, thin and heavy alike.
May we lift one another up in prayer daily
and lift a hand to help whenever we see a need.
Gather to Your heart all who love You
and need Your power at work in them.
Have mercy on us, and forgive us.

Heal Me Through and Through

Dear God,
Thank You for all those people who deeply love me
and who support my efforts
to improve my appearance and well-being.
Forgive me, Lord, for those times when I have
sabotaged them, used them, rebuffed their praises,
or decided to take offense over a careless word.
With Your help,
I pray that only true honest motives
will lie behind the questions I ask
and the approval I seek.
I don't want to be double-minded, manipulative,
weak, or selfish in my relationships.
Heal me through and through, Lord,
for You desire truth in the inner parts (Psalm 51:6).
May these words describe my heart.
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Help Me at Mealtime

Dear God,
Please help me
to make getting along at mealtimes
as important as getting full!
I don't want to spoil a meal
by eating on the run,
squabbling at the table,
or watching TV while I'm wolfing down
Your gracious provision.
Help me to enjoy what You provide
by serving it always in an atmosphere
of love and peace.
Because of Your power at work in me,
I will make harmony and smiles
and patience and forgiveness
and good listening and good humor
the most important nourishment
at my table. Amen.

Repair What Is Broken in Me

Dear God,
I know that with You
nothing is impossible.
But sometimes my life
feels like an impossible project.
Old wounds, crumbled dreams, and
missed opportunities litter my path.
Some of me lies in ruins.
Some things feel as if
they can never be fixed.
But You are a relentless redeemer, Lord.
Even now You are kneeling
in the rubble of my life,
looking for ways to turn bad to good,
to restore what is broken,
to renew what is worn out,
to revive what is dying or dead.
Today I invite You,
builder of temples, healer of hearts,
to have your way in repairing
what is broken in me
until that day when I leave
this damaged home
and I become perfect in Yours.
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Make Me Free and Confident

Dear Lord,
Just the word "perfect"
sends chills down my spine.
And yet, You ask me to try!
Thank You that I don't have to try
on my own power.
Thank You that I can reach
for completeness,
even admire it as a goal,
only because You are perfect.
Keep me from sinful pride
and striving for goals that aren't Yours.
Let me not be a perfectionist--
critical, harsh,
unwilling to tolerate weakness.
Instead, make me a free,
confident woman
who is always wanting to grow,
always asking You,
"What is the next step
for me to become mature?"
Today this is my prayer:
Please perfect my heart and faith
with Your incomparable presence
and peace. Amen.

Let Me Notice and Praise You

Dear God,
I never thought I'd pray to be hungry,
but today I ask that you would give me
a gnawing, driving spiritual hunger
for You and Your righteousness.
I want to thirst for Your presence
and to crave to do what is right.
Thank you for Your promise
that if I hunger to live in a way
that honors You,
I will be satisfied.
Let me feel this deep longing, then,
more than any other today.
And let me notice and praise You
when I am filled to overflowing.
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Grant Me Courage

Dear God,
You see all the way through
to my very core.
You love every part of me.
Even when I am weak, selfish,
or unattractive in spirit,
You still call me Your beloved!
Because I know I am lovely in Your sight,
I can "work" on becoming more so
with confidence and joy.
Because You have called me beautiful,
grant me the courage today
to believe it
and to touch every person I meet
with grace and hope.

Thank You for the Beauty

Dear God,
Forgive me for wanting to become a fantasy,
an image created by this world,
instead of the real me created by You.
I do not want to worship human beauty.
I want to worship You alone.
I want to set my eyes on You
and to seek to become
like You in every way.
Even now, Lord, You say I am beautiful.
When You look at me,
You see Your perfect Son.
My flaws are eclipsed by His radiance.
Thank You, God, for the beauty
that abounds in this world,
Please help me to respond rightly
to every lovely image.
May I admire all that is lovely in the world,
without worshipping it,
without coveting it,
without letting idolatry belittle my soul.
Beautiful Lord,
maker of everything truly beautiful,
I worship and serve You alone.
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Help Me Not Cheat

Dear God,
I don't like that word "cheat"!
How ridiculous of me
to think that I can somehow get ahead
by committing fraud against myself.
Show me if there is a problem
in my approach to dieting
that makes cheating seem worthwhile.
If so, I want to change that, Lord.
I want to feel clean and whole
and honest through and through.
I don't want to cheat myself
or others or You.
Today I pray to hunger for integrity
in my deepest being.
May I automatically reject the idea
of dishonesty in any form,
be it little white lies, secret binges,
or false flattery from others.
I want to be reliable and
honest with little things
so that You might trust me
with the big things.
But I need Your help.
You are "the way and the truth
and the life" (John 14:6),
and I'm counting on You. Amen.

Make Me Compassionate

Dear God,
I'm willing to look at this.
Are my eyes mostly on me?
Are my thoughts all day long about
how I can get what I need,
what I want?
Even the good things I seek--
to live healthy, to eat wisely--
can be driven by my desire to improve myself,
for myself's sake!
It's boggling, Lord.
Help me, change me, teach me.
I want to look outward more.
I want to see and care about
and notice other people,
to feel their needs as if they were my own.
This is such a radical idea.
So different, I confess,
so opposite from my natural tendencies.
But you can change me, Lord,
because You live in me.
Thank You. Amen.
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Help Me Hold My Tongue

Dear God,
Today I pray for all those young girls
who are soaking up harmful ideas
about beauty, their bodies, and their worth.
Send messengers of truth their way, Lord!
And let me be one of them.
Make me conscious of the way I talk,
the way I primp, the remarks I make.
By Your power at work in me,
help me to refrain from putting myself
or my body down.
May I hold my tongue,
arrest my thoughts,
and speak something that builds up instead.
Thank You that every daughter of Yours
is precious in Your eyes.
You have made each one lovely
in her own way.
And I choose today to help You, God,
to let every sister of mine and daughter of Yours
know that she is celebrated and adored by You.

Help Me Change Myself

Dear God,
Thank You that even when I am impatient or foolish,
when I am so zealous to see results
that I rush things and miss the way altogether,
You forgive me and help me
to find the right path again.
Today I pray that You would grant me
the wisdom, will, and patience
to persevere in the process of change.
Help me to accept where I am right now.
With Your power at work within me,
I can keep my eyes on my true goal:
to become the best me I can be--for You!
Today I embrace Your loving intentions for me,
and I put all my hope
in Your good and perfect timing. Amen.
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