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Nicotine Addiction / Smoking Addiction For those who are seeking help and support in stopping smoking.

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How long does it take for chewing tobacco to get out of the system?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum!

How long does it take for chewing tobacco to get out of the system? I know someone told me it depends on my body. A forum that I'm a member of said 72 hours, and after that it will be mental games. How true is that?

How long does everything last for as of total of withdraws, symptoms, side effects, and ect? I quit chew of yesterday by cold turkey.

Thank you for any replies!
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Welcome to our site. Even though I don't know the answer to your questions, wanted to welcome you. Glad you found us. I quit smoking cold turkey 17 years ago.yikes does that make me feel old.

I can't remember how long exactly it took but it was a good long while before the urges went completely away. I've heard the same thing about it being a short amount of time for the physical addiction to be broken, but the mental addiction does last much longer. I guess that is psychological in nature.

Hope you enjoy the forum, read around and post where you want.
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How long does nicotine remain in your body?

Nicotine metabolizes through your system within 72 to 96 hours after your last cigarette or other form of tobacco. That is, unless you work or play in an area where there is second-hand smoke.
There are smoking by-products which remain in the body for up to a year which can be tested for.
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I guess my original question should have been how long should I expect the cravings to last? I am on day 7 and they are getting less frequent, yet still happening. Also, on average, when will I stop thinking about cigarettes ;all of the time? Thank you for your help.

See http://www.smokehelp.org/html/days_from_hell.html in my web site.
The real danger comes when you stop thinking all the time.. then you are more a risk to think - ahh this isn't so bad, I can have just one... or just to let your guard down.
After the nicotine, slowly the cigarettes let go of you but you have to let go of them as well.
Also this is not a straight line process, there will be good days and bad days, good hours and bad hours, but gradually there will be more good times than bad.

Can health damage due to tobacco use be reversed if a person quits using? If so, what is the time frame?

At lot but not all: See http://www.smokehelp.org/html/why_.html
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